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Automation doesn't just require powerful tools—you also need enterprise-level compliance and security to safeguard your workflows and data.

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A foundation built on data security

Security governance

Zapier provides a robust framework and practices dedicated to maintaining the highest security standards, so your data remains safe on our platform.

Data privacy and compliance

Your data is yours. That’s why we adhere to high privacy standards like GDPR and CCPA, and allow you to customize your data retention policies.

Identity and access management

Zapier transforms how you manage your digital workspace with precise control of data access down to the finest detail—like quick addition or removal of team members.


Whether it’s two users or 200, it’s vital to know what’s happening in your account. With Zapier, you have total visibility into how your data moves, what apps users connect, and how people use Zapier.

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Security governance

Dedicated security team

Real-time updates

AWS Cloud Security

Bug bounty program

Annual third-party penetration tests

Security logging and monitoring

Data protection and compliance

SOC 2 (Type II) compliant

SOC 3 compliant



Custom data retention for Zaps

Encryption at rest (AES-256) to ensure safe data storage

Analytics and Zap Runs API


Identity and access management




Application controls

Domain capture

Shared app connections

IP allowlist

Audit log

Secure automation that scales with your business

Zapier scales with you. Our platform provides secure administration, authentication, and permissions infrastructure as you grow


Protection from breaches and bad actors every step of the way

From beginning to end, we’re committed to keeping your data safe. But you don’t have to take our word for it—we go through rigorous external audits with third parties to certify our security standards and check for vulnerabilities.

Continuous vulnerability management

Zapier maintains system and event-based security logs and regularly performs threat modeling exercises. We also have a dedicated Detection and Response Team that monitors for vulnerabilities 24/7.

Trusted third-party validation

We hold independent third-party auditor certifications with the AICPA’s SOC program, and are SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 compliant. We also have annual, independent penetration tests and a proactive bug bounty program.

Security-first development principles

Security is core to everything we build. Zapier is hosted on Amazon Web Services and leverages AWS security controls.

Data Privacy

Data privacy that puts you in control

Our data privacy and compliance practices ensure your data is always protected and handled with care. By upholding stringent standards and allowing you to manage your data policies, you can have complete confidence in your operations' security and compliance.

Safeguarding your data

Zapier uses the latest encryption methods to protect your data. Zapier web application communications are encrypted over TLS 1.2, and all data is encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption.

Upholding standards of excellence

We strongly adhere to GDPR and CCPA compliance standards. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing we're upholding the highest security standards.

You control your data

We provide flexible data management options so you can customize data retention and deletion policies to fit your business needs and regulatory requirements. 


Set granular access controls for your users, apps, and processes

Get the identity and access controls you need so the right people use your Zapier account. Then, fine-tune which apps and tools users can access and what actions they’re allowed to take so sensitive data and processes are always protected.

Control who can access your account

With SSO (SCIM), SAML 2.0, two-factor authentication, and Domain Capture, you won’t need to worry about rogue accounts or unauthorized access.

Add or remove users with ease

Our tools make adding or removing team members hassle-free through your identity and access management provider, so you can keep your team automating.

Define permissions by team, apps, or actions

Tailor what apps and actions users can access with Allowed Apps and app restrictions. You’re in control of what data users can see and what actions they can perform. Plus, get easy access to service accounts with shared app connections.


Unlocking transparency with observability

Observability is more than just reacting to errors—it's about giving you the tools to empower employees with automation, identify areas to optimize your processes, and anticipate and prevent issues.

Real-time monitoring and alerts

Stay up-to-date on potential account issues, so you’re always informed about critical errors and potential threats in your account.

Comprehensive audit trails

Monitor activities across your account with our audit log. Or export them to your SIEM tool of choice with our Zap runs API to easily track changes while staying compliant and audit-ready.

System health at a glance

Get instant insights into how your team is using and adopting Zapier. Plus, you can see how your Zaps are performing with analytics.

Want to learn more?

Explore our security and compliance help docs or contact Sales and get all your questions answered.

"At Outbrain, data security is a top priority, which means SAML authentication is absolutely essential."

Yaniv Nava

Senior Online Acquisition Manager at Outbrain

"With Zapier doing the less-creative work for us, we can actually focus on adding value through customer care rather than managing day-to-day operations."

Tim Tieu

Global Community Marketing Manager at Asana

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